Completely transformed our house into a cozy home


Dan and Gavin and their crew have done extensive work on our house over the last 8 years on three major jobs and several smaller ones, always with outstanding results.  

We live in an 1890s Victorian that has an addition that was built in the 1990s.  When we moved in, the house was drafty and cold.  In the winter, the large furnace would run continuously but the interior temperature would never reach 68 degrees.  There also were lines on the carpet where dust was sucked in from the basement between the floorboards.  Olive oil in our kitchen would congeal overnight because the room was so cold.  

To fix these problems, Balance Point sealed and insulated the attic and the floor between the basement and the first floor.  They also installed a smaller furnace with new, tight ducts.  We also had a window specialist restore and tighten (but not replace) our original wood wavy glass windows.  As a result of these efforts, the house is now tight and warm and heating bills are very reasonable, even without replacing the windows or working on the walls.  And all of its original charm is still intact.

Dan and Gavin also have helped us fix water and drainage issues that had plagued the house.  With new  French drains, gentle re-contouring of a couple slopes, and correction of poor decisions made by the previous owner, the house is now dry.

These are only two of the many things that they have done that have completely transformed our house into a cozy home.  A few more include installation of efficient water heating, fixing a roof and deck system poorly designed and installed during the 1990s addition, and covering the bare dirt portion of the basement to reduce excessive moisture levels.

Dan and Gavin are thinkers who know homes and energy efficiency.  They approach problems carefully and thoughtfully and always explain their approach.  Their crews are also great guys who are good to have around.  If you look at my other Yelp reviews, you can see that I am generally a strict grader.  Balance Point  fully earns their five stars.