Great Classes

Gavin Healy and Dan Perunko teach a variety of building performance classes throughout the state. If you want to learn how to measurably reduce energy consumption as a builder or a homeowner than check out one of our classes.

Real Work

Balance Point home performance is known throughout California as a company who is on the leading edge of measured building performance. Our first commitment is to measurably reduce energy consumption and increase comfort in Nevada County homes.

Local Experts

Nevada County, CA has many great attributes, one of them is seasons. In the wintertime we require the same amount of heat as Boston. Our business has been focused on how to save energy and keep more comfortable in our foothill community.

Deep energy retrofits

Some of our customers have taken it to the next level, bringing the critical components of their houses to the highest levels of performance.  Through targeted air sealing, improved thermal performance and mechanical and ventilation systems design to meet the needs of the house and deliver real comfort.  The state of California has the goal that all new homes will be built as net zero energy homes by 2020.  That goal takes radically different construction practices.  Even if we were to build every single new home that way it wouldn't make a dent on our energy consumption.  It is practically achieveable to reduce the energy consumption in most existing homes by 50-70%.  Now that is taking control of your future.

HRV installer

Dense Pack Cellulose, super insulation