Hot Water System Analysis

Hot water is one of the critical energy features in most houses.  A typical response to a perception of high energy bills is to install a tankless hot water heater.  It makes perfect sense that not having hot water sitting in a tank all day long would save energy.  But whether it saves energy or provides hot water when and where you want it is based on how your family uses hot water and what your plumbing is like.  In many houses improving the hot water pipes is the key solution to reducing energy consumption.  High performance hot water systems can get water to the desired location wasting less than a cup of water while you are waiting and taking less than five seconds to get to the tap.  If your wait is more than 30 seconds for hot water than you have a lot of opportunity for improved performance.  We can analyze your flow, design and install a system that meets not only your energy goals but also your conscience and water saving goals.  When you start to treat your house as an integrated system it starts to work as one.

Heat Pump Water Heater

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