Home Performance Contracting

Home performance contracting includes looking at everything from lighting to insulation, from the furnace in your garage to the air sealing in your attic, to solve everything from moisture problems, comfort issues, to energy waste and beyond.

A relatively new field grown out of an increased awareness of the opportunities for improved performance of our existing homes, the goal of Home Performance contracting is to fix them. We do so by maximizing energy efficiency and building durability, ensuring the healthiest possible indoor air quality, and evaluating the relationships between your home’s various components to ensure that they’re all functioning as they were designed to.

As they say the “devil is in the details” and our test results indicate that the easiest opportunities to improve perfomance in an existing house lay in the attention to details.  Most insulation contractors operate on such slim margins that they simply cannot pay attention to the critical details required to make insulation work properly. Likewise most HVAC contractors are only competing based on labeled furnace and air conditioner efficiency, even though most of the efficiency gains have to do with the size, layout and airtightness of the duct system. It’s a real game changer when you start to pay more attention to delivered energy to each room rather than assuming that a 95% efficient box actually results in 95% of the energy making it to the right location.

The result is a home that is more durable, more comfortable, more energy efficient and better for the environment and future generations—exactly how a home should be. A home performance contractor uses test results from each job to continuously improve installed system performance. So rather than relying on outdated guesses about the right path for your house, we recommend testing and developing a roadmap for meeting your goals. For some people that means getting the utility costs in your house to a manageable amount, and for others that means figuring out the critical path to zero net energy consumption.

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