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    is to drastically improve the Comfort, Health & Carbon Footprint of your home

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    we do the work ourselves

    We Judge Ourselves On Happy Clients state-of-the-art homes and measured performance

Are we the right company for your home?

We have very high standards. If you decide to work with us, you are assured of a home that performs well beyond what building codes require. We take the extra care and time to get it right. We're not for everyone, but if you want a home for life, we should talk.

Comprehensive Retrofit Energy Savings
Average Retrofit Air Infiltration Reduction
Average Retrofit Duct Leakage Reduction
Average Retrofit Duct Leakage in CFM25
Average Retrofit Reduction in AC capacity

Our Process

1 Phone Consultation
Dan and Gavin On the Computer

Your Needs
Your House

2 Site Visit & Assessment
Site Visit & Assessment

Technical Evaluation
Discovery - Your Goals

3 Plan and Estimate
Balance Point Estimate Documentation

Initial Recommendations
Cost Estimation 

4 Final Scope
Detailed Blueprint of System and Work by Balance Point

Detailed Plan & Timeline

5 Complete Retrofit
Step 5: We complete the outlined changes to your home to increase performance and comfort - and decrease your utility bills

Install Measures

6 Test & Measure
Step six: After we complete the outlined changes to your home, we backup our estimates with an additional in-home test

Confirm Performance
Ongoing Measurement

7 Teach & Support
Dan of Balance Point Home Performance Teaching on HVAC Upgrade

Getting the most from your new home

We are local experts who have been measurably reducing energy consumption through high performance retrofits, HVAC designs, training and education in Nevada County, CA for ten years.

Hear what our satisfied clients have to say

  • I thought you'd be interested to know that last month our Ferrell gas bill was 330 and the one I just got was only 157. Awesome decrease of 52%!

    David and Allison S., Nevada City, CA
  • I want to report that we experienced at least a 5-8 degree drop in temperature in the main part of the house at all times of the day due to the new insulation.  It also appears that a similar, but slightly less benefit is occurring in our bedroom, as well.  It's nice to know that we won't have... Read More

    Tom P., Nevada City, CA
  • Wow!

    Brian and Kim R., Grass City, CA
  • I'm writing this review based on an excellent experience my family had with Balance Point Home Performance.

    Ken B., California
  • We can't sing enough praises about Balance Point.  Truly in a class by themselves, they fully understand the science of energy performance and are leaders in their field when it comes to research and analysis.

    Dave B, California
  • Dan and Gavin and their crew have done extensive work on our house over the last 8 years on three major jobs and several smaller ones, always with outstanding results.   We live in an 1890s Victorian that has an addition that was built in the 1990s.

  • Great presentation yesterday Gavin. Lots of food for thought. I have referred a couple of my recent clients to your website. Best class ever at PG&E! Will you be doing others or repeating this one so I can tell colleagues? Thanks Michael