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Home electrification offers a wide variety of health, efficiency, and comfort benefits to California homeowners as well as on the state’s electric grid. However in order to get these benefits, it’s important to find the right contractor to ensure the process is completed expertly in tandem with the specific needs of your home. 

Whether you’re looking to go all-electric with your existing home or are planning a new construction home, the experienced team at Balance Point can help. We believe that home electrification is the right choice for Nevada County area homes and offer several high-performance services that can help get you there. As a contractor and consultant, we work with builders, architects, and homeowners alike to provide exceptional work based on building science and measured results.

Steps to Electrifying Your Home 

The team at Balance Point has years of experience in electrification and can help guide you through the entire process. Regardless of if you are building a new home or retrofitting for all-electric appliances, there are a few key steps to start with to ensure the best results.

  • First, it’s important to make sure your home’s performance is ready for the switch to all-electric. Home performance retrofits that benefit electrification include insulation and air sealing, both of which are crucial for ensuring that your home will use less energy and reduce your energy bills. Balance Point can help determine if these home upgrades are necessary for you during an energy audit.
  • Second, we’ll perform a full evaluation of your home’s electrical system or electrical plans for new construction to ensure it’s compatible with your new, all-electric appliances.
  • Lastly, our team will help you prioritize the steps to home electrification and build a comprehensive plan for the entire process. Retrofit all-electric upgrades don’t all need to be completed at once and we’ll help you determine where to start based on the specifics of your home. 

Heating & Cooling

Balance Point Home Performance can not only help find the best all-electric HVAC system for your home’s needs, but we also ensure that proper heating & cooling load calculations are used in the process. In addition to providing HVAC design and installation services, we also offer ventilation design and installation to ensure your home stays at a consistent temperature with fresh breathing air.

Water Heating

As a part of a Hot Water System Analysis from our team, we’ll not only examine your water heater, but also the pipes leading to the faucets around your home to ensure maximum efficiency. For new construction homes, we can design and install a hot water system that meets your electrification, energy usage, and water savings goals.

Kitchen Appliances

Gas stoves and ovens not only waste a ton of energy, but they’re top contributors to a home’s poor indoor air quality. Upgrading to induction burners is safer for your home, and can provide more even heating for a better cooking experience. Induction cooktops also don’t hold residual heat once they’re turned off, so they’ll reduce your risk of a fire and injury. ENERGY STAR certified refrigerators that won’t use as much electricity are also important to consider when electrifying your home.

At Balance Point Home Performance, we can advise you on the best all-electric kitchen appliances for your cooking needs and steer you towards trusted resources to purchase the best makes and models for your home.

Solar Integration

As you switch your home’s equipment to run solely on electricity, it is a good idea to also consider going solar to help offset the cost of your increased electricity usage. Solar plays a key role in electrification because this renewable energy will take strain away from the central grid,  help prevent outages throughout the state, and provide cleaner electricity for your home. 

Solar integration is a crucial part of electrification by supplying your home with clean, renewable energy, and we can help you find a trusted contractor to complete your solar panel installation. We recommend installing solar after you begin your electrification process to help our team more accurately determine your home’s total electricity needs. 

Balance Point Home Performance: Your Home Electrification Experts in the Truckee-Grass Valley 

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to go electric or an architect or builder that wants to give their client a true, electrified home, the Balance Point team is here for you. We have decades of experience working to improve the performance of homes throughout California and the country, and even teach courses to other contractors and designers on the topic.

The need for home electrification is only going to grow as more policies are implemented and the state of the climate becomes less reliable. This is why many electrification upgrades are eligible for incentives, like federal tax credits and rebates from the state or your local utility provider. We also stay up to date on what’s available in Nevada County and surrounding areas to help our clients maximize their savings.

Get started with a high performing, all-electric home with Balance Point today. Call 530-477-0695 or contact us online.

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