Ventilation Design & Installation

If you’re building a very tight envelope you know how important it is to have a controlled mechanical ventilation system installed in your house. Very few mechanical contractors install ventilation systems in California homes.  Often the default system is a bathroom exhaust fan typically installed by an electrician who does not understand airflow or make-up air. Frequently, an architect specifies ventilation equipment based on manufacturer’s sales literature and specifications rather than what is most appropriate for the house. We have clear goals when it comes to ventilation.  First we want to take “fresh air” from a known location that is clean and dry and ideally filter it on the way into the house. 

We want to balance accessibility to the filter with the ideal duct layout, since the ducts will impact the energy consumption of the ventilation system for the rest of its lifespan. We want the filter capacity to be large enough that the system can work for a reasonable timeframe between filter changes. We want to design the size of the filter based on your goals for filtration (the size of particles). We also want to remove the stale air from the house and ensure the ducts all stay clean.  Finally, we want the system watt draw to be as low as possible, since most ventilation systems are designed to run 24/7.

That’s a tall order for a new house and very tricky for existing homes that were never designed with a ventilation system in mind. We find that with all the things you need for a successful system more thought and design are required for most ventilation systems than most home heating and cooling systems. We have the practical experience of installing a full range of ventilation systems in new and existing homes. Whether you want a top end heat recovery ventilation system or a more pragmatic design we are here to help you figure it out.  

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