Balance Point Home Performance provides contractor training services to the following organizations. If you are interested in the trainings that we provide through third party training facilities you can contact us directly or inquire with the organizations listed below to find out when we are scheduled to train next. If you would like to design a custom training to meet your organization’s needs please contact us at 530-477-0695. There are a lot of trainings in the world, we specialize in delivering courses based on real world conditions presented by the California building stock. If you want to go beyond the basics that you may have learned in an introductory building science course, we can help meet your goals.

Redwood Coast Energy Authority:  Introduction to heat pumps and electrification training.

California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA):  Level 1-2, three day building science course, Level 3-4 BPI written and field exam study courses, and level 5 two week plus hands-on field retrofit course.  Course held throughout the state of California.  Courses are offered on a for fee basis (fee frequently offset by hosting program or grant).

Energy Conservation Institute (ECI):  Six day building science modules and BPI training courses held throughout the State of California.  Courses are offered on a for fee basis (fee frequently offset by hosting program or grant).

California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE):  Get Up program, two week hands-on field training for retrofitting critical envelope and mechanical systems to achieve high performance outcomes.

In addition to these classes we have provided the following offerings through Affordable Comfort Inc:

California Crawl Spaces part 1 and 2 webinar

Fixing Wet Crawl Spaces

Conditioning Crawl Spaces

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