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balance point the crew

We are a full service home performance building company serving Nevada County, California.  From home energy analysis including blower door testing and infrared diagnostics to pinpoint your home's opportunities, to full service work to perfect how your home operates, while taking into account the interrelationships between your home's various components, we work to maximize your home's energy efficiency, eradicate any indoor air quality and other safety problems at the source, and optimize building durability and integrity.  We're certified, and more importantly, have years of real world experience under our tool belt.  Click here for full details on our Certifications.

Feel free to call the office or shoot us an email.  You'll speak directly with one of the owners of the company Dan Perunko or Gavin Healy.  We will walk you through exactly what sort of work we do on a day-to-day basis to test and improve homes like yours.  We can share with you some of the amazing results we have had  making existing homes outperform new construction.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Christian Hund

Christian Hund of Balance Point Home Performanace

It takes great attitude to work in the types of places that we work in day in and day out.  Cramped and dirty attics and crawls spaces are a difficult place to do the highest quality work.  Chris takes the time to achieve Balance Point's performance goals in these spaces every day.  Beyond the technical he will take care of your house and your family, becauselike all the members of our team he cares about the outcome just as much as you do.  Whether it's installing a duct system that has zero measurable leakage or going out of his way to keep your house clean and your family comfortable Chris is up to the job.



                                Robert Hussion



Robert Hussion of Balance Point Home Performance

There's are an infinete amount of details when ensureing that a house works as a system.  Robert has been working with Balance Point since 2010 helping to put successful projects together.   It may seem simple but putting together plumbing pipes or ducts through the building enclosure while makeing sure there are no air leaks and the systems work optimally is a challenge in new and existing homes.   It's the lillte details that make a home work and Roberts goal is to make your home work great.  Like all members of our team, specialists work on all aspects of the project to get the critical installation details right.


                                                                                                                   Tom DeMaranville

While Tom runs his own construction company he is most certainly a part of the Balance Point team.  Whether it's tying in the finishing details on a retrofit or managing a project that we are the subcontractors for, Tom has the know-how to build a high performing house from the ground up and pay attention to all the details that will make it a high performance home. Sometimes Tom works for Balance Point, and sometimes we work for him, the objective is always clear, to ensure the details we are installing have the highest performance while meeting the customer's goals.



                                                   Judy Rachel

Our southern California branch includes Judy Rachel.  Judy brings a solid understanding of building performance principles and field practices.  Judy instructs building science classes in the classroom and on field retrofit courses.  Judy has a deep understanding of how to improve the performance of Southern California homes.  Judy frequently co-instructs building performance courses with Balance Point Home Performance.







                                                                                                                        Carin Telle

Carin Telle, Balance Point Home PerformanceCarin manages our office and handles billing.  Carin helps the balance point team stay focused on their core mission. 









                                           Dan Perunko

Dan Perunko, Co founder Balance Point Home Performance

Co-founder of Balance Point Home Performance.  Dan runs all aspects of the business from consulting and design to installation and trouble-shooting.  Dan is one of the most technically competent Home Performance Contractors in the State of California.  When Dan is not working on making homes better, he is teaching courses for other contractors and designers on how to improve the performance of their building and mechanical systems.  Dan is dedicated to continous improvement in his design and understanding of building systems. Dan goes the extra mile to make sure that customers receive a lot of value for their investment.

                                                                                                                           Gavin Healy

Co-founder of Balance Point Home Performance, Gavin runs all aspects of the business.  Gavin's goal in design and installations is measurable reductions in energy consumption, improved building durability, and overall system performance.  Gavin considers classes that he delivers as successful when students are engaged and asking lots of questions.  Gavin is known for creating effective strategies that significantly improve the thermal performance and air tightness of existing and new buildings.  Like Dan, Gavin is committed to ensuring that Balance Point's customers receive the most value for their investment.