Dave B
We can't sing enough praises about Balance Point.  Truly in a class by themselves, they fully understand the science of energy performance and are leaders in their field when it comes to research and analysis. Over the past three years, we undertook two construction projects in Nevada City, CA - an income property and new home.  In both instances we hired Balance Point to advise us on energy performance in the areas of air tightness, insulation, heating and cooling and other mechanical systems.  In each case they developed a comprehensive analysis, explained all of our options and helped us come up with a workable plan to get the… (read more)
Dan and Gavin and their crew have done extensive work on our house over the last 8 years on three major jobs and several smaller ones, always with outstanding results.   We live in an 1890s Victorian that has an addition that was built in the 1990s.  When we moved in, the house was drafty and cold.  In the winter, the large furnace would run continuously but the interior temperature would never reach 68 degrees.  There also were lines on the carpet where dust was sucked in from the basement between the floorboards.  Olive oil in our kitchen would congeal overnight because the room was so cold.  
Ken Ban
I'm writing this review based on an excellent experience my family had with Balance Point Home Performance.  Considering that the HVAC/Home Performance space is fragmented with so many companies providing varying levels of quality, commitment, and general ethics, I feel it is important to provide information that might help others make a good decision. The review below is quite lengthy, so if you don't want to read it all, the punch line is:  Balance Point is the best company providing construction services that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Anyone looking to implement a new heating, AC, water heater, or improve the performance of their… (read more)
Brian and Kim Roseth, Grass Valley, CA
Wow! We had our first really cold night last night.  The low temp was 21 degrees and when we awoke this morning it was still just 29 degrees outside.  Last year we would have frozen our butts off, but this year the house temperature was cool but comfortable.  ... Overall, we love the whole package!  The roof, the insulation, the lack of drafts, the quiet heat pump---it all just works great.  If I had to do it over again, would I change anything?  Not really.  I probably should have found a few extra dollars to put the water heater inside. ... Anyway, I… (read more)
Michael Dugan
Great presentation yesterday Gavin. Lots of food for thought. I have referred a couple of my recent clients to your website. Best class ever at PG&E! Will you be doing others or repeating this one so I can tell colleagues? Thanks Michael
Tom Parillo, Nevada City, CA
I want to report that we experienced at least a 5-8 degree drop in temperature in the main part of the house at all times of the day due to the new insulation.  It also appears that a similar, but slightly less benefit is occurring in our bedroom, as well.  It's nice to know that we won't have to wait until winter heating to experience a comfort benefit.  Last night we were gone most of the evening and when we returned our house was pleasantly mild considering we only left a few windows open and the whole house fan in the off position.  Upon our return at about 9:30… (read more)
David and Allison Samson, Nevada City, CA
I thought you'd be interested to know that last month our Ferrell gas bill was 330 and the one I just got was only 157. Awesome decrease of 52%!